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In any democratic capitalistic country like America there are laws that give every person the God given right to assume a new identity of their own choosing any time they want. On top of that, you may change your identity, or create a new identity as many times as you like during your lifetime. The best part is that no "Public Records" are created for anyone to follow. Don't mistake this for a "Change of Legal Name," which requires that a person go to court. If you want to find out exactly how to take advantage of this little known fact, then you need to get this book. If you don't already know exactly what to do the only place that you can find this information out for sure is here. You will want to know exactly what to do before you do it. You can learn exactly what to do right now. TODAY! Not only do you have a God given right to do this but it can be done in less than one day. Disappear and never be seen again. As long as you don't tell anybody where you are, no one will ever be able to find you. You have your future in your own hands, right this very second. Once you know what to do, you'll never forget it. Also, you dont' have to leave the town you live in to disappear. You could just relocate to another area in the same city where you live now if the city you live in now isn't a small town where everyone knows you.
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Find out how to get car insurance anonymously.

Discover 2 ways to rent a hotel room anonymously without showing any ID at all.

Discover 4 ways to open a bank account anonymously.

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New Identity

How to Change Your Identity

Change Identity

How to Disappear Completely

New Social Security Number

Go Underground

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Learn the ways to get credit under a new identity.

Learn 4 ways to have your utilities turned on anonymously. Water, gas, electricity, phone, cable, etc.

Learn how to disappear off the face of the earth.

Learn how to stay in contact with your family without being traced.

You will be able to accomplish all of the important things in less than one day and gain anonymity in less than 24 hours.

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Learn how to stop wage garnishments.

Learn how to see doctors anonymoulsy.

Most of the information tells you how to do everything 100% legally. You don’t have to use false identity scams, but they are all detailed in this book as well.

Learn how to get birth certificates.

Learn how to disappear completely so that the best in the world won't be able to find you. Start a complete new life.

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A Complete New Identity – What You Need

There are situations and events that occur where the best course of action for an individual would be for that person to create a new identity for themselves. Some of these situations may involve that person’s life being in danger from an abusive spouse or boy/girlfriend or other person. It's possible that you've given information to the police about someone, or even testifiied against them and now they want to kill you. Let's face it, the police aren't going to protect you in these types of situations. It's possible that an ex-spouse is planning to kidnap your children and disappear themselves. Maybe a person is being stalked or maybe they just want to be a deadbeat and get out of paying child support. Changing your identity and creating a new life for yourself is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. The most common method is having your name changed legally through the court system. However, this can leave a trail that can actually lead the person you are running from right to your doorstep! That’s not a very effective way to protect your new identity and keep yourself and your family safe.

There are also illegal ways in which to change your identity and start fresh. Not only do these methods pose a threat to your freedom, those methods can often be traced as well since they can involve assuming someone else’s identity. Either the bad guys find you and your life is once again in danger, or the police find out that you are using someone else’s identity and you turn into the criminal. This method is not very effective either. For a more effective method, visit howtochangeyouridentity.info.It is possible to assume a new identity without risking exposure to the person or persons you need to hide from and without risking your freedom or breaking any laws.

But, there are certain items that are not actually needed to effectively change your identity, but that can certainly make life easier for the identity changer. These items include a birth certificate, driver’s license, and a social security card. Nearly every identity change book on the market will tell you to create fake ID documents by altering and forging documents. They explain to you how to doctor birth certificates and then they actually tell you to use the fake birth certifcate to obtain a driver's license with. They will also tell you to make up a social security number out of thin air and to use the made up number when trying to obtain a driver's license or getting a job. DON"T DO IT! Attempting to get a driver's license with a fake birth certificate and a made up social security number will get you arrested. The modern DMV's of this day and age are not stupid. Those methods may have worked back in the 60's, or even in the 70's, but I guarantee you they don't work today. You want to be smart and only use practical methods that actually work. The book described in the last paragraph of this article will tell you how to do it right.

The new social security number is by far the most difficult step to achieve for someone who needs to change their identity. As someone who has studied every identity change book on the market, I can tell you that there is no book available that will actually tell you real and effective ways that work. This is where they all leave you hanging, as if telling you to use a fake doctored birth certificate and a made up social security number weren't enough. The best way that they can come up with for you to get a new social security number is to make one up. Do you actually believe that in this day and age a made up social security number would actually work for anythng at all? There are only three ways for an identity changer to get a social security number and the book, “Live Anonymously and Privately – Create a New Identity” will describe all of those ways to you. However the author had to cross that bridge himself and he discovered another way to get all of the benefits that obtaining a new social security number would give you, without the risk of breaking the law and getting caught for committing fraud. Not only that but his method to successfully get around the social security number problem can be achieved in less than one hour.

Don't waste your money buying any other book on how to change your identity. You will be sorely disaappointed. In this book you will get information on only the methods that truly work. Would you rather read a book that had over 170 pages of methods and information that are completely useless, or a book of 50 pages of only the ways that actually work. Even though other websites make the outlandish claim that they will take you by the hand and lead you through the entire process, ask yourself why they don't have a money back guarantee. I can tell you why, because their methods described in their books are completely worthless.I bought the books and read every word and when I was done I said to myself, "I paid $35 or more per book for this useless drivel!"

There is, however, another option available for individuals that need to obtain a new identity. The book, “Live Anonymously and Privately – Create a New Identity”, can teach you a revolutionary method that allows you to bypass the need to obtain a birth certificate and driver’s license immediately, yet you will learn how to obtain those items. But those items take time to obtain, especially if you want them to be good, solid, safe, valid, real, and actually useable. Forging and altering any of those three items, as most books tell you to do, is not going to get you anywhere, You won't be able to actually use any forged, alttered or fake documents to live and survive in today's world. The methods taught in this book show you how you can instantly disappear and reappear with an entirely new identity that allows you to work, rent or purchase a home, work and make money, buy a car, and bank anonymously and everything else that you will need to be able to live a full life. The methods shown in this book allow you to legally, affordably, and quickly obtain a new identity that is recognized as legal and valid for the rest of your life, no matter why you may need to live an anonymous life. The book will even explain how to enroll children into schools and how to keep them anonymous while you are hiding from whoever you need to hide from. If you want more information, go to howtochangeyouridentity.info and get the book.

There are many tasks to changing identity. Most identity changers will want to know how to get a new social security number, or change ssn and how to get a fake drivers license. My advice is to stay away from fake identification even though you will have a fake identity, fake usually leads to trouble. And there are many reasons why a person wants to disappear without a trace and never be found. A person may want to hide from spouse, hide from husband, escape abuser, go on the run from police also known as going on the lam. A person may need to stop a stalker and know how to hide. It's definitely not as difficult as it used to be to disappear completely and never be found. Another thing an indentity changer may want to consider is how to cover your tracks. The best place to start is to get this identity book download online. Be reborn in America and live privately without fear of being found.